That’s right dye, not die. I took a little time out yesterday from the big picture projects to do a little heart warming project. It was freezing in Melbourne, so not a great day for dyeing but very windy and it actually dried quite quickly.  But I enjoyed giving a couple of pieces from, Read More

Every Melbournian worth their salt, or for that matter their beer knows the pub the Pint on Punt, right? Perched right on the junction where St Kilda Road, Punt Rd, Queens rd and Fitzroy Street meet. Well the Pint on Punt has been given a spit and polish, and whoo hoo, here is The, Read More

A local dance class open to all ages and abilities and with a large emphasis on having fun, recently approached me to help them with a small bit of costuming for their dance performance at The Greyhound hotel in St Kilda. This particular hip hop group were performing a routine to Kanye West’s song, Read More