About Clothe

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Clothe helps you save time, money and energy, with tools and inspiration to get you organized, shopping efficiently and getting creative with your wardrobe.  With a little planning and insight your wardrobe can be an efficient tool to support your busy lifestyle, as well as a fun expression of your personality.

From our very early beginnings we have clothed and adorned ourselves. Across cultures, countries and climates we use clothing to protect ourselves, communicate our culture and identity, and evolve who we are, reflecting our innate selves.

At Clothe we believe in a world that celebrates diversity, authenticity and a love of an awesome outfit!

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Protect: Clothing protects us from hazards in our environment.

Evolve: Clothing evolves with us, reflecting the constant change that we experience.

Identify: Clothing communicates who we are; we use it to express ourselves and perceive others.

Contextualise: Clothing is contextual, embedded in a time and place. It influences the future and reflects upon the past. No change in dress happens in isolation. All choice in dress happens for a reason.