Advanced Style

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Just found this wonderful, marvelous, fabulous blog and simply had to share it with you. Please check it out if you haven’t already.
As a woman myself who every year grows older just like every one else, I always feel great compassion for the many many women whom I hear express the feeling that once they turn 45 they become invisible. That there are no longer any clothes in the shops for them or images in the media as reference points for mature style. In some ways this is true but the art is in recognizing the garments that will work for you, how to put them together and having belief in your self.
Now I admit that the women featured in this blog look like they are not too short of a penny, however for those of you on more of a budget by learning about your own innate style, body shape and colouring you too can plan, budget and invest in quality pieces and look fabulous into your 100’s!
Check it out Advanced Style BlogLove to all those over 45. Your still beautiful.

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