Behind Clothe – Annabel

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I confess, I love clothing! Always have done since I was a very little girl. Dresses for my dolls, drawing my own designs, avidly collecting pages from fashion magazines (Vogue was my bible) and sewing – that was how I occupied my time.

Clothe bioThis lifelong obsession has led me into theatre costume, shoe making, designing bags, clothing and footwear retail and image consulting.

As an image consultant your clients do you the great honor of letting you into their lives.

Not only do you interpret and teach your clients how to best enhance the qualities that they have, but your clients teach you about how people think and feel about themselves and their wardrobe.

This experience brought together for me the elusive threads of what I had been looking for: why our clothing and adornment choices are so deeply rooted in our psychology.

I have come to really appreciate the complexity of the language of clothing, each unique viewpoint the result of combining genetics, values, and experiences. Personal style must come from the heart of each individual and not be something imposed by another if it is to be satisfying and long lasting.

I know that by improving the effectiveness of our choices we can have less clutter, better options, more change in our pocket, less impact on the environment, less stress and more fun!

Throughout history and across cultures human beings hold very similar values and desires – what differs is the expression. These commonalities have the power to help us understand and tolerate our differences.

I hold a passionate belief that a sense of authenticity about the way we present ourselves has a direct impact on our contentment with our lives. When we have this sense of authenticity we function better, making choices that reflect our values. In turn, when we feel good about ourselves, our hearts are open to the world and all it offers.

Through Clothe I share tools, tips, amusements and services to help you get the most enjoyment out of your clothing and budget.

Thanks for reading.

Hope to see you soon.