Melbourne Tweed Ride

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Sunday November 27th 2011

The last Sunday in November saw Melbourne’s best dressed cyclists take a relaxed tour of the city. The ride concluded with a picnic of the utmost refinery and elegance at the delightful Como House and Garden in South Yarra.

And I have to say it was a day to warm the cockles of my heart! 
Some years ago a very dear friend of mine stumbled across a news article from London reporting upon the inaugural event. The first ever Tweed Run was held in London on the 24th January 2009 and organised by London Fixed Gear and Single Speed, an online cycling forum. Since the inaugural ride, tweed rides utilizing a similar format have sprung up across the globe including Athens, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Texas, Des Moines, Iowa, Durango, Colorado, Flagstaff, Arizona, Fremantle, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Missouri, Paris, Pescara, Italy, Philadelphia, Riga, Rochester, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Melbourne, Western Australia, Tokyo, Toronto, Traverse City, Michigan, Washington DC and Berlin! 
Here is a link to the original forum thread organizing the first event. I find this fascinating how one small great idea can tap a nerve that spreads all around the world. And here you can learn more about other country’s Tweed rides.
So for several years now we have pined to join the group in a celebration of all things vintage, eccentric, and good wholesome fun! Unfortunately the vagaries of children, weather and other commitments have stood in our way but this was to be our year!!! But then… oh no… a double booking and I’m on my own to participate. But then I had an idea… I turned to another dear friend with a yearning for an eccentric event and we were off and running again. Hasty costumes were thrown together, vintage bikes were sourced  and the days logistics planned. We were not going to let weather, clashing bookings, average outfits, a lack of authentic riding gear, or anything stand in our way this time!
However due to the madness of trying to co-ordinate the logistics I have but only a small selection that my darling hubby took for me. We were busy making it all happen!
Fortunately there were many other taking wonderful photos and you get get your fill at ,
just to name a few. 

Of course with my hubby’s interest in bike’s we have a number of lovely bike photo’s:
But he was also kind enough to take some snaps of the fabulous riders too:
Handsome bunch!
Hey! That’s my right elbow
Tired and hat head. Where did my lovely beret go?
Found it!
2010 had approximately 50 participants whilst this years was reportedly 180! Whoo hoo looking forward to 2012. Will you be there?
Next year is your year Jude!

love Bella

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