On being comfortable in our own skin.

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I’m sure you will all have been aware of the recent meme of revealing your true face with out make up for a good cause. I’ve seen some interesting things written about this, someone who’s opinion I respect wrote this.

Personally, I am a wearer of make up… everyday. It has only been in the last few years and I don’t wear a huge amount, in the scheme of things, but I do wear it everyday. Well mostly.  I don’t see anything wrong with this. I also don’t see anything wrong with people who choose not to wear makeup, it’s their choice.

But for me make up is more than a mask to hide behind as has been suggested. As someone who is naturally shy and sensitive but also deeply motivated and able to project myself into the world, despite my inner nature, make up is a part of my ritual of preparation. Yes, an added bonus is that I feel more attractive, but that is not the full story and really more to do with cultural perceptions of beauty than anything. Routine is a funny human thing, many people have a routine of things they like to do to help them prepare for the day; drink multiple cups of coffee, take a quick walk around their garden, check Facebook or a news service, etc. I have a shower and put on a quick slick of make up. Each to his or her own.

Where the issue of make up becomes a problem is when people feel that they have to do one thing or another for the sake of the impression it makes on others. So, I liked what this girl has to say, she is comfortable with herself and brave, not necessarily brave for revealing her face but for having the courage to put herself forward as an example. Yes, she is beautiful, with and without makeup, which not every one is but she is still attempting to do something honourable, hey, she was possibly paid to do it, but still.



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