Reboot Your Style Mojo – Juliet

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Meet Juliet. As you will see from these photo’s Juliet is absolutely delightful. A sculpture and textile artist, her more recent work expresses her passionate desire to celebrate, promote and explore the unique power of what it is to be female. A woman of brave heart and great depths of soul she came to me wanting some help with developing some looks for times when she is selling her work in person.

Juliet is an unfussy, rough and tumble kind of girl with a very womanly shape, and I wanted to show off her small waist and luscious curves. We talked about clothing that would make her feel confident, strong and empowered and boots were a core element of that. Juliet feels grounded and in control when she is wearing her boots, and we extended that into another lighter weight pair for hotter days. We found Juliet a chunky belt with an antique tribal military feel and whoosh we were off and running. We found scarves, rumbled through her jewellery collection, sourced jackets, and reworked other items of her existing wardrobe. And belts… lots of belts. The girl now has a new love!Juliet Collins - Reboot Your Style MojoDid I mention that Juliet is Scottish? We had great fun ‘channeling’ her inner Boudicca!

Boudicca D. AD c60 was a Queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who lead an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. She fought for the honour of herself, her people, her daughters and women. (ref. Wikipedia) As a Scotswoman it was an image that really resonated with Juliet and we ran with it.

We had a great time, one session led to another and by the time we had finished Juliet had a number of great mix and match outfits that made her feel great and were practical too. I am a firm believer in empowering my clients to create a style that is authentic and sustainable. It’s not about me, its about you.

More photos to come.Juliet Collins - Reboot Your Style Mojo.

As an artist Juliet really has a knack for encapsulating diverse characters, fantasy roles and everyday moments.

Please check out Juliet’s supurb work at her website

Juliet Collins - Work samples

Juliet Collins - Reboot Your Style Mojo

To read about Juliet’s view of this experience please go to the testimonials page.


One Comment on “Reboot Your Style Mojo – Juliet

  1. Loving the belts and boots and inner Boudicca!