Second hand style – Easter gathering #1

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What happens when a group of awesome women get together? Well lots actually, solve the worlds ills for a start… perhaps not but lots of love and hugs and cups of tea. In my world, with these precious women, amongst the tea we usually squeeze in a little op shopping. I love that I have friends that share my passions and I love sharing my keen eye with them. It gives me great pleasure and I love the thanks and accolades! In truth they are all very stylish women, they do not need me but I love that they appreciate my input!

In true friendship they have very kindly allowed me to take a few piccies to share the treasures we found. Now keep in mind these garments are just thrown on with whatever they had on, on a cruise, hanging about day. So not styled, just as is.

I’m going to post these over a few days. So here is treasure no. 1.

Floral Sukajan style jacket

Floral Sukajan style jacket.


Gorgeous huh?




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