Some time out – to dye.

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That’s right dye, not die. I took a little time out yesterday from the big picture projects to do a little heart warming project. It was freezing in Melbourne, so not a great day for dyeing but very windy and it actually dried quite quickly.  But I enjoyed giving a couple of pieces from my wardrobe that had been hanging around not getting worn, a fresh look to make them work better for me. I find these little projects quite therapeutic. A little quiet reflective time.

Teal jumper

Check out the price of this dye. Came from my grandmothers estate. Thanks Grandma, I’ll be toasty warm in sea glass green.

This Sportscraft jumper is wool and acrylic but the label has no percentages so I really wasn’t sure how much the dye would take. I always find it fascinating how different textiles can look in different states as you can see here. This dye job resulted in more of a tint that a full blown change of colour but the result is really beautiful.

After dyeing the jumper above I threw this Vigorella wool and polyamide blend cardigan in, again no percentages. I wasn’t sure what result I would get. Whatever item you dye first sucks most of the dye out of the water even if the liquid still looks heavily coloured. This cardi started out exactly the same colour as the jumper and ended up pretty much the same colour. An indication of how little dye the wool / acrylic blend absorbed. I’m obsessed with this sea glass green. I have a substantial collection of sea glass and just love it with this cactus green of my vintage vase. Going to have to find something cactussy (sic) to wear with it!

Teal cardigan

This is my favourite for the day. This is a pure wool Witchery dress that was hanging unloved in my wardrobe. I confess I have brown issues. And green issues. I struggle to wear both colours. I guess that says I’m not an earthy, outdoors girl. Or it could just mean I wore way to much brown and green during my education. That could be it. So I decided Mulberry was the colour of preference and I’m thrilled with the result. I wore it yesterday with a claret red vintage riding cape and the colours together were just delicious!

mulberry dress

And the two colours together on my line were sigh worthy. All in all a very satisfying afternoons craft therapy.

Fresh winter woolies to snuggle into. Yay!



Tell me about your craft therapy projects?

2 Comments on “Some time out – to dye.

  1. I would love to see a pic of you in the mulberry and red combo! xo

    • Right! I’ll sort it out! I better do it quick before Spring comes along now.