What do you do if you need 1920’s shoes to be worn and withstand the rigour of an event? Well real 1920’s shoes are not that easy to come by any way, particularly not in any state to be worn. So I accepted a challenge to create a pair of 1920’s shoes from shoes, Read More

This is a project I actually completed a little while ago. I was putting together a gallery of my work and whoops (!), discovered that when I had transferred my blog across from “The Art of Costume” this post had not come with it. So this is a reiteration, please forgive if you have, Read More

There is something special about family heirlooms that has nothing to do with monetary value. Somehow in knowing that one of your forbearers wore and valued an item of jewellery it gives you a connection to the past that is quite special. Jewellery is an especially personal item and pearls have been a valued, Read More

I am ashamed to admit I bought this sweet little purse ages ago. No I really mean ages… I am pretty sure it was in the late 80’s early 90’s. It was in this state at the time and I bought it intending to refurbish its vintage goodness. Ah well, time has ticked on, Read More

It’s Terminology Tuesday again and this week in the spotlight is…  Amazon… In fashion terms; Amazon adj. attached to the names of certain items of women’s fashionable apparel as a descriptor. The Amazons were a legendary (potentially mythical) race of warlike women from the time and region of the ancient Greeks.  Scholars have many, Read More

It’s Terminology Tuesday again and this week in the spotlight is… Aesthetic Dress   Pardon? I hear you say….  Is not all dress aesthetic? Dependant upon the eye of the beholder?  So we have found a truly curious fashion term. “aesthetic: adj. 1. of aesthetics 2. sensitive to art and beauty;artistic aesthetics: n.pl the study or, Read More

Something quick and cute this week. It caught my eye when putting together my last post on jodhpurs…. It’s Rationals A popular name for full, pleated, serge* bloomers or knickerbockers worn by women for bicycling in the 1890’s. The name rationals comes from the political movement of the time that advocated a more rational, Read More

It’s so true, these sneakers look sooooo much better worn in. This very cute clip by Nylon Mag shows us how. (via) [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iY6VroKoB8E&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&version=3] cheerio, Bella

Just found this wonderful, marvelous, fabulous blog and simply had to share it with you. Please check it out if you haven’t already. As a woman myself who every year grows older just like every one else, I always feel great compassion for the many many women whom I hear express the feeling that once, Read More

Now I love a project, I won’t deny! Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes… not so good.   But this time it was fantastic! I recently noticed these boots on sale for $80 reduced from $700! This needed closer inspection! Now I’m a firm advocate of investing in high quality footwear. Well constructed,, Read More