This is a job I did recently with one of my favourite clients and friends.  We all change as we mature, some more than others and we recently noted that she was changing and potentially from one season to another. We tested it, and she is still in her original season but it won’t, Read More

And now for something a little bit exotic, a little bit spicy… a little bit… tribal Best on… Warm Spring (Warm, and clear), Clear Spring (Warm, clear and bright) naive spice by stylemetamorphosis on    You couldn’t help but to be in a good mood around these colours! Bella. For more colour inspiration, Read More

Slithering snakes can inspire such fear, yet up close there is so much beauty in the way the scales and colour variations meld together. I love this wall, to me it speaks of reptilian inspiration, which I love in the built environment. So this is a take, on a take if you like. Best, Read More

For the next in my series of colour inspirations, I wanted to choose something quite different, something bold, bright and energetic. So best on… Cool Winter (cool and clear) Deep Winter (cool, clear and dark) Clear Winter (cool, clear and bright) Clear Spring (warm, clear and bright. Color by COLOURlovers Or perhaps I should, Read More

Beach BBQ by stylemetamorphosis on Happy late Summer weekend. xo Bella

Whilst the women featured in “Fabulous Fashionistas” by Sue Bourne are wonderfully stylish people, it is what they tell us about themselves; their love of life, their sense of identity, their highs and lows their experience of growing older, and the intrinsic link with the way they choose to present themselves, that makes this, Read More