The Dresses by Tae Gon Kim, White Night Melbourne, Sat. Feb. 20 2016

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Human beings wear clothes, and these clothes are imbued with a sense of the physical body but also the spirit of the person even once the clothes remain and the person has moved on. The light in these dress forms also gave me a sense of being a network of blood and veins. The changing colours being reminiscent of the changes in physical character of an individual over time. These veins were like the skeleton, left behind after the passing of the creature. Speaking to us of the life that once was, now passed.

Well worth missing out on that extra hour of sleep.

Looking forward to White Night 2017. C U There.


Here are some further extracts from the White Night website regarding the festival and the artist. For more information visit the White Night Website.

Tae Gon Kim is an artist from South Korea who lives in Strasbourg, France. A draughtsman and a designer. Tae Gon Kim translates emotions into technical statements”


“White Night (Nuit Blanche) was originally conceived in Paris in 2002. Since its inception Nuit Blanche has inspired an international network of White Night events in more than 20 cities around the world, creating a tailored event that reflects the city’s distinct passions and characteristics.”


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