The Inner Truth Project – Juliet Collins

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The Inner Truth Project is a complicated passion project that I am dabbling with. To save repeating myself I have provided a description of the project over here. After completing this first portrait I have had a number of people put their hand up to be involved in the project. As I go along, I will include small posts here to share snippets of the portraits but not the finished product. We will see how this develops and what becomes of it. At some point I will share the collated works.

For my first portrait I asked my good friend Juliet to be my subject. She was the perfect choice as I already knew her well and we had already completed a number of personal styling sessions together. Juliet is an intelligent, sensitive, passionate and artistic person with a huge well of complexity, just perfect for investigation and development. As an artist she is possibly more self aware of these elements than some others might be, however I strongly believe that we all have a great deal of complexity and it is just a matter of finding the ways to delve the depths to find treasure.

The Portrait

Juliet cares passionately about the role of women in our society, most particularly about what she feels is the under valued role of caregiver, a role most often filled by women. Juliet on a personal level strives to provide nourishment, both physical and emotional to those in her care whether they be family, friends, students or the foster kids she welcomes into her home. In her professional endeavours, as an artist and teacher she advocates for women and their many guises. Her inspirations in life and art show evidence of both her fine art and science education.

Born in Scotland, Juliet came to Australia via time in the U.S.A but her Scottish blood and traditions remain integral to her sense of identity.

Look closely and see what you can find, what is your interpretation of these elements?

Every aspect you see in these photos has meaning and been selected deliberately from the smallest item in the setting to Juliet’s custom body armour. We decided to portray Juliet as a modern day Boudicea, nurturer and protector of her people. A fearless woman of keen intellect, with a wild strength of spirit. She is surrounded by her tools of trade, her inspirations and symbols of her values.   At the next stage of this project I will share the symbols and their meaning, the finished portrait, plus more.

But for now…. here is Juliet.



To learn more about Juliet, including a gallery of her insightful work please visit her website.

I’m looking forward to my next portrait.

2 Comments on “The Inner Truth Project – Juliet Collins

    • Thank you! She was amazing to work with! I’m looking forward to my next portrait. So exciting!