The Inner Truth Project – photographic portraiture

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Inner truth – what is your inner truth? I know it will be different from mine. I know it will be different from anybody else’s, what is more I know that each day it is likely to be different again.

I think of inner truth as your unique operating position, the values and opinions, knowledge and experiences that make you who you are, that influence every thing you say, every decision you make and every thought you have.

I have been musing for some time over the notion of human image. I can’t help thinking that our concept of image and our perceived need to be constantly managing it, trying to demonstrate to other people how attractive we are, how successful we are, how brilliant our children are, how beautiful our house is and how wonderful our lives are, might be largely responsible for our unhappiness, massive personal debt levels, suicide rates, and the state of our environment. If we didn’t feel the need to be constantly upgrading, and ‘improving’, our whole world might be quite different.

But, this is unlikely to change. It is deeply entrenched in who we are. This behaviour has been occurring for many centuries, across populations and differing cultures. It appears to be hard wired into the human psyche. Our economies and cultures are built on the foundation of this concept.

I am not immune to this either. I will not pretend that I live inside some sort of hippie bubble. As an image consultant and personal stylist I advise people on how to make the most of their physical appearance and how to project themselves in a positive and goal supportive manner. These qualities are highly valuable and have a very important place in our society. I am simply trying to shift the emphasis, or open up the emphasis to one that is more encompassing of different visions of what constitutes a happy and successful life.

When one person looks at another person, they ‘read’ that person based upon the information they glean from that person’s appearance. However they can only read and interpret that information by passing it through their own unique set of filters, which is based upon their own unique experiences and mind set. Therefore it is very difficult for one person to ever really know and understand another based upon their interpretation of visual information.

The idea of this project is to go deeper. To investigate who a person really is, what they value, what they share with others and what they hold back. To see the true individuality of each person and in doing so, reduce barriers, open up perceptions and encourage people to reevaluate their own lives.  We need to be living the very best lives we can, the way they want to. There has been a quote going around the internet of late “What would you do if you were not afraid?” It’s a good one.

When we are comfortable and accepting of ourselves we are able to accept others more easily. To embrace diversity of all manner, to be open to change. Great change is needed if we are going turn around our environmental impact.

With this project I work with the subject to create a setting and portrait that tells a story. The story of them now, their past and their future. To recognise their values and contribution. The short term result of this project is a photographic portrait. In the long term, possibly an exhibition or publication. But we will see how things develop.

If you are interested in the sound of this project and would like to participate or contribute, please contact me Annabel, If you would like to see a finished portrait please contact me. At this stage I prefer not to post them online. I’m still developing what this project will become.

To understand more please click on the links below to be taken to a story about the portraiture completed thus far.

I anticipate this project might be a slow but worthwhile burn……t-juliet-collins/