Wardrobe Cull and Change of season advice.

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This is a job I did recently with one of my favourite clients and friends.  We all change as we mature, some more than others and we recently noted that she was changing and potentially from one season to another. We tested it, and she is still in her original season but it won’t be long. She has always been a Soft Summer and is moving towards Cool Summer. The low contrast colours in her original palette are getting harder to wear, but she still looks best in the stronger richer colours of her palette. Some of the deeper Cool Summer colours are starting to wear well on her but the gelatoish colours are too much.

Its interesting don’t you think?

Following are some pictures and her testimonial about her recent wardrobe renovation, the assistance I gave her and the end result.

Organisation makes a massive difference to getting dressed in the morning! And making better more creative choices!

J.R test


J.R. before with txt

J.R. empty with txt

J.R. discarded clothing

J.R. his side with txtJ.R. centre with txt

J.R. Her side with txt


J.R. happy. with txt

Thank you beautiful lady, it was a pleasure working with you!


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