Photobomb Friday #12 colour inspiration: the chipper chippery

Is anyone sick of my alliteration yet? It just comes to me when I look at the photo. Geez I must be a cheesy sod. Ah well, let me know when it gets boring. Or suggest alternative titles??? That might be fun. But keep it clean, please, I know there are children reading!

It’s Photobomb Friday (although it’s Tuesday, ahhhhhhhh, I’m sliding !!!) and today’s it is…

The chipper chippery

Best on…

Soft Autumn

Oh dear! Again??? I think I subconsciously like Soft Autumn palettes. Will branch out next week.

Any requests? colour inspiration no 12 colour inspiration no 12

This one’s not such a great photo, it was a little tricky to get a good angle without asking the nice man if I could get behind the counter! Which of course he would have had to say no to anyway because of health and safety and all that. However I do need to work on getting a little less shy about these things! Had to include it though as I just love the true blue retro look and couldn’t believe it when I found this jumper… see below! colour inspiration no. 12 colour inspiration no. 12




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All of the garments featured have been selected for their aesthetics only. Items vary dramatically in price and I make no claims as to their ethical or non ethical standing. For your entertainment and inspiration only. 

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