This photo is actually from a couple of years ago, but I’ve always loved it. It was an overcast Autumn day happily spent wandering the art trail with friends. I love the urban environment and the multiple layers of history and human contribution to each scene you encounter. So here is sydney street art…, Read More

It’s Terminology Tuesday again and this week in the spotlight is… Aesthetic Dress   Pardon? I hear you say….  Is not all dress aesthetic? Dependant upon the eye of the beholder?  So we have found a truly curious fashion term. “aesthetic: adj. 1. of aesthetics 2. sensitive to art and beauty;artistic aesthetics: the study or, Read More

I love this lamp, I covet it badly. It belongs to a dear friend and is perfect in her colourful, creative, unpretentious home. There is something so charming about his reflective pose and so ridiculous about the fact he has a lamp sprouting out of his head. Best on… Light Spring (Warm, Clear and, Read More

Something quick and cute this week. It caught my eye when putting together my last post on jodhpurs…. It’s Rationals A popular name for full, pleated, serge* bloomers or knickerbockers worn by women for bicycling in the 1890’s. The name rationals comes from the political movement of the time that advocated a more rational, Read More

This Friday I thought perhaps it was time for something a little elegant, a little nostalgic, and a little bit … dippy. Best on… Cool Summer (cool and muted) Light Summer (cool, muted and light) Sadly Dipping Bird on Polyvore, due to its demise is no longer available.  Classic with a touch of whimsy., Read More

It’s Terminology Tuesday again and this week in the spotlight is… Jodhpurs! Pronounced “jod’poors”. Riding pants, with a drop front or zipper closing, that flare at the thighs and have narrow, straight cut legs below the knee with cuffs at the ankles. Prior to the invention of stretch fabrics this design allowed for ease, Read More

It’s Terminology Tuesday again and this week in the spotlight is… Gaiters, Spats and Spatterdashes! Check out these! Aren’t they just gorgeous! It’s a crying shame that Les Frivolites appears to have stopped making them. Perhaps someone knows more? I so badly want some. Might need to get handy with my leather stock. photo, Read More

Do you know your Derby’s from your Oxfords? Or you Boater from your Breton? Or in fact your plaid from your tartan? There is so much fashion terminology that we hear bandied about and it can get quite befuddling. In the interest of…………….. well… interest, and clarity in moments of discourse regarding costume, I hereby, Read More

I grew up on a TV diet of “Countdown”, “FAME” and “The Muppet’s”. Yep! Says it all really. Oh, also David Attenborough and Harry Butler. It all comes together in the long run. Nature, Biology, Costume, pop culture…. love it. The Muppet’s have stood the test of time. Even my technology savvy children love, Read More